Healthcare and medical content marketing done right

When users are on social media, they are looking for different ways to educate and entertain themselves. Users are not on social media to buy or to register anywhere. 

They may choose to register or buy anything they want but the key here is that they are in control. In a successful social media strategy there is not a sales person trying to push a sale.

This is why so many businesses and digital marketers give up so quickly once they spend some money following “online gurus” failing strategies.

If you start a conversation on social media about your ideal audience interests and with relevant information that brings value to your customers your audience will increase.

The format you choose for your content plays a significant role in the success of your healthcare or medical content marketing. 

Is your audience using a desktop computer when they are on social media? Or, are they on their mobile device?

Understanding your audience is the first thing you should focus on. What devices are they using, what are they using the social platform for, and what drives the highest engagement.

Video Content

Video content has been the number one form of content for the past few years and the latest devices make video the best way to tell a story, explain a concept and deliver a message.

Video content is ten times more engaging than a simple image. Users are spending hours on their social media accounts. 

Youtube is the highest online video player followed by Facebook that has increased their video views with video watch.

5 Things to consider with healthcare and medical content marketing

  1. Use videos to tell your story not to sell a product
  2. You can use a vertical format for your videos to show on mobile devices
  3. Instagram and Twitter accept 59ss videos and no longer than a minute
  4. You can post videos longer than a minute on YouTube and Facebook
  5. YouTube is a search video engine, so make your titles easy to find for your audience

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